Wrong License Plate Number on Parking Ticket | Do I Have to Pay?

Wrong License Plate Number on Parking Ticket

You received a parking ticket for parking too close to an intersection or whatever. However, you have noticed a wrong license plate number on parking ticket. It’s either they put the wrong state or used V instead of W. Do I still need to pay it? No, you don’t, but there is more to this.

First, you want to check your state’s online payment system using the ticket number to see if it’s wrong there as well. If yes, it’s now really up to you whether you should pay or not.

I have been there. The clerk just told me to throw it out, that’s because it will not be traced back to my car. There is no way they would link your vehicle to the ticket. But to be safer, dispute the ticket because it will likely be dismissed due to inaccuracy. It is even more stressful to just ignore it, even though it could probably get away with ignoring it.

Wrong License Plate Number on Parking Ticket

Wrong License Plate Number on Parking Ticket

It is pretty common for people to find the wrong license plate number on parking tickets. For some people, this is just luck but sometimes, the charge goes to someone else who might not be able to fight it.

On your end, double-check the ticket yourself using the citation number on the website to pay for parking tickets.

Generally, when you get a parking ticket, any mistake in writing on the ticket (car model, plate number, etc.) is grounds to have the ticket thrown out. You don’t need to go to court for a parking ticket because you can dispute it online. If necessary, take a court date and inform the judge it has a mistake. By default, they have to withdraw the ticket, and you won’t have to pay anything. Just don’t ignore it.

You typically fight this using the “not my plates” argument online. But if they make you fight it in person, you may have to pay for it.

Also, if they have your VIN (vehicle identification number), they might be able to prove that the car belongs to you. That means you have to pay the ticket fine.

Do I Have to Pay a Parking Ticket if the License Plate Number is Wrong?

Wrong License Plate Number on Parking Ticket

You don’t have to pay a parking ticket if the license plate number is wrong—the ticket is invalid. Call the parking department to let them know about the wrong license plate number on parking ticket and tell them you would like the ticket dismissed or you will take it to court where it will be thrown out by a judge.

Now, if the other ‘innocent’ person receives a parking ticket in the mail, the odds are it is a completely different car. They will need to call as soon as they get it to have it thrown out unless they are unable to prove that it wasn’t their vehicle.


If you have received a wrong license plate number on parking ticket, don’t ignore it. It is better to plead not guilty and use the “not my license number or car” defense and you will likely get off. If you think that the owner of the mistyped license plate will find it difficult to prove that it isn’t theirs, consider paying the fine.

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