What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

So, by the end of this article, you will know what to do with old license plates Utah. Your Utah license plates might get worn out due to weather and road conditions. Thankfully, the guidelines provided by the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for retiring them are clear.

Generally, though, when your Utah plates expire, you keep them. The only time you will have a problem is if your license plate is found in a crime scene, and is traced back to you. This is the main reason it is recommended to shred your license plates before disposal.

In Utah, when you sell your vehicle, you keep your license plates. You have the option to transfer these plates to another vehicle that you own. If you are not using your Utah license plates anymore, you might need to either surrender or destroy them.

Do I Need to Surrender Plates in Utah?

Well, it’s not mandatory to return your old Utah license plates. But, if your Utah license plate or registration is canceled, suspended, or revoked by the authorities, you must return them to your local Utah DMV office.

If your Utah license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you need replacements. This can be done either in person or by mail. You will need to provide copies of your registration card, license plate number, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), along with the necessary fees. For mail applications, write a request and include $12 for a standard license plate, $5 for a decal, and $4 for postage. Make a check or money order payable to the Utah State Tax Commission (UTSC). After getting the correct mailing information, send it to the local Utah DMV branch office.

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

Here’s what you should do with old license plates in Utah:

1. Transfer Old Utah License Plates to Another Vehicle

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

You can transfer your old Utah license plate to a different vehicle, but it must be registered in your name. If you don’t transfer your UT tags to another vehicle, you can either destroy them or return them to the Utah DMV.

Remember, you can’t give your Utah license plates to someone else. The plates stay with you, the owner. Usually, when you sell your vehicle, the UT license plates do not go with it.

2. Surrender Your Utah Plates to the DMV

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

According to Section (41-1a-111) of the Utah legislature, if your registration, certificate of title, license plate, or permit is canceled, suspended, or revoked, you must return these items to the DMV.

For example, if you are facing penalties for certain violations or crimes, and your license plate is no longer valid, you need to return it to your local Utah DMV. Make sure to remove the UT plates from your vehicle and give them back to the Utah DMV. You’ll have to wait until you’re allowed to apply for new tags.

Moving Out of State

If you’re moving to another state, that state’s DMV might tell you to surrender your Utah plates. You can explain to them that Utah allows you to keep your plates.

3. Keep Your Utah License Plates

What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

You might be able to keep your old Utah license plates without needing to go to the Utah DMV. But, I often advise talking to an officer at the DMV to see if you are allowed to keep your Utah tags—it depends on your circumstances.

Here’s what to do with old license plates in Utah if you are allowed to keep them.

  • Keep them as a souvenir, i.e., hold onto them as a keepsake.
  • You can dispose of your Utah plates in the state’s recycling bin.
  • Use them as decoration for your garage wall.
  • Consider giving them away as gifts.
  • You could sell them on websites such as Craigslist or eBay.
  • Some antique shops might be interested in buying your old Utah license plates.

Now, when you are getting rid of your old Utah license plates through recycling or disposal, make sure to cut them into pieces. This helps prevent anyone from using them illegally because they can be traced back to you.

Do License Plates Stay with the Car in Utah?

In Utah, license plates don’t stay with the car or motorcycle when it’s sold. Always remove your UT license plates when selling your vehicle. If you don’t, you could be held responsible for any parking or traffic violations or crimes linked to the vehicle that still has your Utah license plates. The new owner should get temporary Utah tags to drive the vehicle home.

Can I Use Old License Plate Utah on Another Car?

You can put your old license plate on a new car registered in your name. You have to notify the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 60 days.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go with what to do with old license plates Utah. The most important thing is to notify the Utah DMV whenever you no longer use your UT license plates. Also, when selling your vehicle, make sure the buyer doesn’t take your plates; they should stay with you.

To inform the UT DMV that you no longer need your old Utah license plates, you can fill out and submit Form TC-502, which is the Application to Cancel Registration. If you are not sure whether to keep or give up your UT license plates, call the Utah DMV at (800) 368-8824 for guidance.

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