What to Do with Old License Plates New York

what to do with old license plates New York

So, for whatever reason, you need to part ways with your old NY plates. You will get to know what to do with old license plates New York in this post. Generally, if you have old license plates, you don’t send them back to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Rather, you should destroy them. This is important because if someone else finds and uses your old plates, you might be held responsible for any traffic violations or fines associated with those plates. A good way to destroy your old NY plates is by using a permanent marker to scribble over the plate number.

Once they’re properly defaced, you can think of your old plates as just scrap metal. This means you can take them to a local scrap metal yard or a recycling center.

Do You Have to Turn in Old License Plates in NY?

You don’t have to turn in your old license plates in NY. However, NY DMV advises you to deface your license plates and have them recycled.

What to Do with Old License Plates New York

what to do with old license plates New York

If you need to turn in your license plates, here’s what you should know:

  • Before you cancel the insurance on your car, you need to hand over your plates.
  • If you don’t return your plates, the DMV can suspend both your car registration and your driver’s license.
  • If you plan to register your car in a different state, you must first return your New York State vehicle plates to the New York DMV.

Now, this scenario is applicable where your license plates are still active. So, how do you surrender your plates in New York?

How to Surrender Your Plates in New York

When you want to send your license plates back to the DMV by mail, follow these steps:

1. Update Your Address

what to do with old license plates New York

First, make sure the DMV has your current address. They’ll send a receipt (from FS-6T) and any refund check to the address listed on your car’s registration. If you moved to a different state, update your address with the DMV and the United States Postal Service to make sure you get your mail at your new home.

For businesses, if the registration is in the business name and the address has changed, remember to update it with the Postal Service too.

2. Remove Plates and Stickers

what to do with old license plates New York

Take off the plates from your vehicle, including the frames and fasteners. DMV won’t accept plates with these still on. Also, destroy the registration and inspection stickers on your windshield. Don’t hand over your plates to someone else unless they are going to surrender them for you.

3. Fill Out the PD-7 Form

what to do with old license plates New York

Complete the Plate Surrender Application (PDF) (PD-7) for each set of plates you’re returning.

4. Mail Everything

what to do with old license plates New York

Put the completed form and your plates in an envelope (not a box) and mail them to:

NYS DMV 6 Empire State Plaza Room B240 Albany, NY 12228

The date the DMV uses for your plate surrender is the date on the postmark of your mail. Wait for about 21 days to get your FS-6T receipt. If you don’t get it, contact the DMV.

Remember, if you have plates from another state, you need to return them to that state’s DMV, not the New York State DMV.

At a DMV Office

If you’re going to return your NY license plates at a DMV office, here’s how you do it:

1. Remove Plates and Stickers

First, take the plates off your car. Make sure to remove the plate frames and fasteners because the DMV won’t accept the plates with these still attached.

Also, you need to destroy the registration and inspection stickers on your windshield. Don’t hand your plates to someone else unless they will surrender them for you at the DMV.

2. Fill Out the PD-7 Form

You have to complete the Plate Surrender Application (PDF) (PD-7) for every set of plates you’re giving back.

3. Go to a DMV Office

Bring your plates and the completed PD-7 form to a DMV office. You can look up the nearest DMV office. Be aware that county motor vehicle offices might charge a $1 fee to process the surrender. If someone else is returning the plates for you, make sure they give you the FS-6T receipt. You’ll need this for your records.

Do You Get Money Back for Returning License Plates in NY?

You registered your vehicle for two years and paid a total of $137.50. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • $62.50 for the registration itself, which is $31.25 per year.
  • $50.00 for the title certificate.
  • $25.00 for the vehicle plates.

Now, if you decide to surrender your vehicle plates in the first year, you’re eligible for a refund. This refund is $30.25, which is basically the $31.25 you paid for the second year, minus a $1 processing fee. Remember, this refund only applies to the registration fee for the second year; you won’t get back any other fees or taxes you paid.

There’s also an option to apply for a refund of the entire two-year registration fee, but only under specific conditions:

  • The registration must have been completely unused.
  • It should be within 60 days from when you got the registration. For instance, if you renewed your registration but didn’t use the new sticker, you can ask for a refund of what you paid for the two-year registration. But again, there’s a $1 processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

You can’t use the registration sticker at all if you want a full refund. If you’ve already attached the sticker to your windshield or vehicle plate, then you won’t be eligible for the full refund.

Can You Surrender Plates Temporarily?

Yes, you can. If you need to surrender your plates for just part of the year, there are special procedures for a seasonal or temporary surrender of plates.

Do You Need to Return Motorcycle Plates?

It’s not required to surrender your motorcycle plates. However, remember that your motorcycle must have insurance if you plan to ride it.

Do You Need to Return Trailer Plates?

For trailers, even if some don’t need liability insurance, you must surrender the trailer’s plate if the trailer doesn’t have a valid registration.

Can You Surrender One Plate in NY?

When you have a set of two plates and one of them goes missing, gets stolen, or is destroyed, you don’t need to fill out a police report. Just take the remaining plate to the DMV office in your county and give it back to them. This is how you let them know and officially give up the registration for those plates.

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