Can You Sell a Car with a Duplicate Title?

Can You Sell a Car with a Duplicate Title

Can you sell a car with a duplicate title? Yes, you can. A duplicate title certificate is a copy of the original issued by your local motor vehicle agency when the original is lost, stolen, or damaged. In the United States, a car title certificate is the ownership paper. You must have this title to sell the car, whether it is original or duplicate. If you lose it, go to the DMV to get a new one. Sometimes, old cars don’t have titles, so a bill of sale can work for ownership transfer.

Can You Sell a Car with a Duplicate Title?

A title certificate is proof of ownership of the car. Fortunately, if it is misplaced, you can always get a duplicate. Yes, you can use this duplicate title to sell a car. Your duplicate is a copy of the title issued by your local motor vehicle agency in cases where the original is lost, stolen, or damaged. All you need to do is apply for a replacement or duplicate to use in place of the original.

Steps to Get a Duplicate Title

Before selling your car, you want to make sure to update the title if necessary. If you’re selling a car that doesn’t have the right title, it could get you in trouble with the law. Therefore, make sure to get a duplicate. In a few states, you must keep the title for 30 days before you can change the owner. In some states, you might have to keep the title for 30 days before you can transfer it to someone else. You might not even need a title if you are selling an old car that is 15 or 25 years old (depending on your state). In such a situation, you only need a bill of sale to change ownership.

Contact Your Local DMV

When you need to sell your car, you can do so with a duplicate title. You need the right papers and a signed statement confirming you own the vehicle. Your state may ask for proof that your vehicle is operable and roadworthy. In this case, you’ll need a certificate from an inspector approved by the state to show it’s in good condition.

Apply for a Duplicate Title

Visit your state’s DMV website and go to the page for lost title replacement. Each state has slightly different steps for getting a new one, so check your local DMV website for details on what to do in your state.

Find out how to replace your title in your state by visiting this link:

You can also check if your state allows you to transfer ownership without a title. In some states, you can get a temporary permit to use the vehicle until you get a new title. In other states, the seller has to fill out a form to transfer ownership, even before the new title arrives.

Use the Expedited Plan

Check if your state has expedited title replacement. In a few states, you can pay more to get your title right away. If not, it will come in the mail in 1 to 2 weeks after you fill out the replacement form. Visit your state’s DMV website to find out if they can print your documents on the spot.

Visit your DMV’s website and find the title replacement form. You can fill it out online, print it, and take it to the DMV. Or, you can fill it out at the DMV directly.

Visit the DMV

Before you go to the DMV, make sure you have your ID, registration, VIN, and any other documents they ask for. Check the list of what you need on their website to be sure. In some states, you may have to submit a pencil rubbing or picture of your VIN, which you can usually find on the dashboard on the driver’s side.

You may need to complete a form about how many miles your car has driven. But in some states, this is only needed if your car is less than 10 years old.

Pay the Fee

You need to pay a fee for a duplicate copy of your title. The cost can be between $10 and $80 USD, depending on your state and the type of vehicle. If you want your title quickly printed at the DMV office, there’s an extra fee to pay, typically known as an expedited fee. You can find this fee on your state’s DMV website.

Make a Bill of Sales Receipt

If you have not done it yet, make a sales receipt that shows the car’s information, such as the year, brand, model, price, and VIN. Include the sale date and both the buyer and seller’s names, addresses, and signatures on it. Give a copy of this receipt to the buyer, and keep one for yourself as well.

Your local DMV could have a ready form for selling stuff that can help make sure you include all the right details. You can check out an example form here.

Once you get the new title, fill out the back part where it says ‘Transfer’. Put your name, the buyer’s name, and how many miles the vehicle has driven. Sign it and hand it over, along with the sales receipt, to the new owner. In some states, you might need to write down the price on the title too. Just like that, you have been able to sell a car with a duplicate title. If you already have a duplicate title, there is no need for the application anymore.

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