Parking Ticket After Selling Car

Parking Ticket After Selling Car

You sold your vehicle and now got $500 in parking ticket in the mail. So, why did you get a parking ticket after selling car? The simple answer is that the car is still in your name. You may have signed over the title but the new owner never put in their name. Thus, they received a parking ticket that was sent to you as the registered owner.

Now, you are liable for the ticket and there will be more tickets as long as the registration is still in your name. You don’t have to pay this ticket, however, you need to prove that you no longer own the car.

Parking Ticket After Selling Car

Parking Ticket After Selling Car

You need to show proof of the sale to the ticketing authority or the court if you received a parking ticket after your car. Now, the parking ticket you received simply means that the vehicle is still in your name and you could be subjected to other citations and fines. Contact your motor vehicle agency and work on getting the car out of your name.

You can transfer the title out of your own name. This might be difficult if you don’t have information about the person who purchased the vehicle. It’s okay if you have some paperwork (i.e., emails, text messages, phone calls, etc) of the new owner.

Here’s what to do if you receive a parking ticket after selling car:

  1. Write a quick note saying you sold the car.
  2. Send it to the address on the ticket or letter.
  3. Include the date you sold the car, the new owner’s name and address (or the company’s), and a copy of the sale receipt if you have it.
  4. Once they have this information, they should cancel your ticket and charge the right person.

If the ticket’s not canceled, get in touch with the agency for help on what to do next.

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