How Do You Know If a Red Light Camera Took Your Picture?

how do you know if a red light camera took your picture

Red light cameras are usually set up on a separate pole near the intersection or attached to the traffic light itself. Under each traffic lane, there are sensors that activate when a car crosses the stop line as the light turns red. At this moment, the camera snaps a photo of the car’s rear license plate. The camera only works if you enter the intersection after the light is red. These cameras can take pictures of cars making left or right turns and only capture vehicles coming from one direction. If the camera is triggered, it only takes a photo of the rear license plate, not the driver’s face. Then, trained police officers review these photos to confirm if the driver really ran a red light. If they find that the driver did run a red light, a ticket is sent to the address linked to the car’s registration, which means the person who owns the license plate. So, how do you know if a red light camera took your picture? I will explain how to tell in this article, as well as other things you really need to know.

Can You See a Red Light Camera Flash?

Yes, red light cameras are used to deter bad driving and encourage better driving, so there are signs at intersections with these cameras to let you know they are there. However, not every traffic light will have a red light camera. These cameras are installed at particular intersections with a high number of people running red lights, pedestrian injuries, or accidents.

How Red Light Camera Works

A red light camera uses trigger technology with sensors or induction loop triggers, which are basically lengths of electrical wire placed under the road near where cars stop at traffic lights. These wires are arranged in a couple of rectangular loops.

There’s a magnetic field that creates an electric voltage in these wires. The system has a meter always watching the inductances, which is like the system’s way of feeling what’s happening. When there’s a big change in inductance, the system figures out that a car has just rolled over the loop. That’s the signal for the camera to take a picture. There is also a video loop trigger. In this setup, a computer keeps an eye on the video of the crossroads. It’s set up to look for certain changes in the video that show a car is moving through. So, if the light is red and a car drives through, this trigger tells the camera to capture the moment.

How Do You Know If a Red Light Camera Took Your Picture?

how do you know if a red light camera took your picture

Often, you’ll see a flash as you drive through the intersection, which means that your picture was taken. However, on very sunny days, this flash might not be visible. Ultimately, you’ll definitely know a red light camera caught you if you receive a notice in the mail weeks later for a red light violation. It may take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to get a red light ticket in the mail. Typically, it takes about 4 weeks for the red light ticket to arrive at your home.

What is the Cost of a Red Light Camera Ticket?

It depends on your state. Take New York, for instance; the fine is $50. In California, a red light ticket will cost you over $500, which you have to pay for the infraction. There are associated court fees, a traffic course, and such. You will have to pay a penny for that one. You are allowed to pay the fine in parts.

Do Red Light Tickets Add Points to Your License?

If you are caught by a police officer for running a red light, that is a different matter altogether. A red light ticket is more akin to a parking ticket than a regular traffic violation; it is a non-moving violation in most states. Getting¬†a red light camera ticket won’t add points to your license. That’s a relief! And what about its impact on your insurance? Fortunately, it won’t affect your insurance either, which is great news.

What Happens If I’m Driving Someone Else’s Car?

The ticket is sent to the registered address of the car. So, it doesn’t matter if your sister, uncle, or friend was driving your car. If they run a red light in your vehicle, the ticket will be issued in your name, and you can’t transfer it to someone else.

What to Do if You Get a Ticket for Running a Red Light

If you receive a ticket for running the red light, just pay the fine to save you the expense of challenging it in court. You can also hire a lawyer, though. Depending on the state, they might let you off the hook, offer a deal, or reduce the fine if you agree to take a defensive driving course. Usually, if you don’t have a history of multiple tickets, the court might be willing to negotiate.

Ignoring the ticket, on the other hand, will have it sent to a collection agency. You don’t want to deal with debt collectors because it is often a stressful experience. At first, they’ll send you a lot of letters. If you don’t respond, they’ll start calling you at home. If that doesn’t work, they’ll call your workplace.

If you try to block their calls, they’ll try other numbers you may have. If you keep ignoring them, they might come to see you in person or even contact your family and friends, asking for your new contact details or asking them to pay your debt.

Remember, you can challenge a red light camera ticket in court. I have written an article that provides you with 5 solid arguments you can use to beat a red light camera.


So, we have been able to discuss how you will know if a red light camera took your picture. next time, you probably want to hide from the red light camera in the first place. Red light cameras might work as a deterrent, but you shouldn’t need them to understand that red lights have a purpose. They’re not there just to bother you, but to keep traffic moving safely. Yes, driving in heavy traffic can be really annoying. We understand that. However, risking your life or the safety of your family members who might be in the car with you is not a good way to get home quicker.

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