5 Tips That Will Help You Keep the Car Straight When Driving

How to keep the car straight when driving

New drivers struggle to stay centered in their lane when driving because they’re not looking in the right place. Most of the time, they focus on the lines on either side of the road. For example, if you look at the left line, you might feel like you are too close to it. And if you look at the right line, you might think you’re too far to the right or even crossing the line. This happens because, as a new driver, you might not yet have a good sense of direction and space. So, the best thing to do is to always focus on the middle of your lane. I will help you keep the car straight when driving, but you need to be particularly attentive to this guide. I have also included some visuals to help your understanding.

How to Keep the Car Straight When Driving

Stay Alert and Calm

How to keep the car straight when driving

Let’s start by looking towards the road, not just at it or its lines. Stay alert to everything around you. You should avoid getting confused about space or direction and just stay calm. To help you understand, here’s a technique: focus on a point where the road meets the sky. Keep your gaze centered. Many new drivers stare at the front of their cars, but that’s not good. It makes it harder to think clearly and stay aware.

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So, remember to look between the road and the sky, like I’m showing you in the image above. Keep your eyes centered.

Look Out for the Car in Front

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As a new driver, you really have to watch the car in front, but you also have to stay alert to your surroundings. One common fear for new drivers is driving beside big trucks. They often get scared and steer away. If this happens, stay calm. Other drivers can handle their vehicles; you need to focus on controlling yours and staying calm and alert. Keep your eyes on the road ahead, relax your hands, and don’t worry about the cars beside you. We must be careful, though, because cars can suddenly come into your lane, and accidents can happen. That’s why I say be aware, but also relaxed and drive safely.

Don’t Focus on the Sidewalk When Making a Turn

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Another issue new drivers often face that stops them from keeping the car straight when driving is that when they turn a corner, they tend to look at the sidewalk. This usually makes the car drift towards or even onto the sidewalk.

My professional advice when turning is for you to keep looking ahead on the road. This helps you control your car and turn properly. The same thing happens when turning around a curb. If you stare at the curb, you’ll feel too close to it and start to panic, trying to steer away. Instead, look towards the middle of the road ahead. This helps you feel more stable and less tense. And don’t worry; feeling this way is normal for everyone at first. You just need to practice and get used to your car. Soon, these techniques will become second nature to you.

Keep Your Eyes on the Central Spot in Front

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Just remember that where you look is really important. Focusing on one spot, like when turning or approaching a curb, can make you tense. Always look towards the center. Don’t fixate on a specific point, like a curb or ramp. This only makes you more tense. Focus on the whole scene in front of you, and your surroundings. This gives you a better view and helps you feel less tense.

One of the main reasons we struggle to keep the car straight when driving involves our focus and vision. The second reason relates to how we handle the steering wheel, including the position of our hands, any tension we feel, and our stress levels. New drivers often feel nervous, so they tend to grip the steering wheel tightly. When another vehicle is close by, they might unconsciously steer away from it. This reaction is completely normal and natural. Many beginners have asked me, ‘If I keep the steering wheel straight and stiff, will my car go straight?’ But we all know that roads aren’t always straight; they have curves. So, you can’t expect to keep your steering wheel straight and have your car travel in a straight line. Your car’s direction is controlled by the steering wheel. When you encounter curves, you need to adjust your steering wheel slightly, along with your vision, to keep the car on the road. Most of the time, veering off the lane happens because we’re holding the steering wheel too tightly and are too tense.

Learn to Hold the Steering Wheel Properly

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Holding the steering wheel correctly is very important, so use both hands while keeping your arms and hands relaxed. For instance, if you hold the steering wheel with one hand on top and the other at the bottom, the hand at the bottom will bear more weight, potentially causing the car to veer off its lane. Learn the right way to position your hands when you start driving.

However, there’s another reason your car might drift out of its lane, making it hard to keep it centered. This issue might not be your fault; it could be something that needs a mechanic’s attention, as it relates to your car’s alignment. But sometimes, you can identify the problem yourself. It could be a tire issue, like having uneven pressure. For example, if the right tire has too much pressure, you’ll likely feel the car pulling to the right. Endeavor to maintain equal tire pressure, so keep an eye on that.

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