How to Fill Out a New Jersey Car Title

How to Fill Out a New Jersey Car Title

Let’s say you have just bought a new car and working on the title for the DMV, so you can transfer it to your name and get your vehicle’s plates. As you may be aware, visiting the DMV for a title transfer means waiting in line for a long time, like 8 hours. So, you really need to know how to fill out a New Jersey car title correctly. Even a tiny mistake, such as an accidental pen mark in the wrong place, can invalidate the title. If that happens, you are in for a lot of inconvenience. You’d need to get a new title from the seller again. They might have to come with you to the DMV or provide a notarized letter.

So, make no errors. The DMV won’t let you transfer the title if there are mistakes. They’ll just say it’s filled out wrong, and the only solution is to get a new title with the seller’s help. Then, you face another long wait at the DMV, maybe many hours again, just to try and transfer the title and get your plates.

How to Fill Out a New Jersey Car Title

So the question you’ll be asking now is how do I fill out a title in NJ?

1. Fill Out the Odometer Section

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I’ve done quite a bit of research on this. First, you should fill in the odometer section on the NJ title. Look at your odometer and enter the number without using commas or noting any tenths of a mile. For example, write it as 111782, not 111,172.3. It’s all in whole numbers and no commas are used on the title. Prior to paying for the car, make sure there are no signs of odometer rollback.

2. Fill Out the Buyer and Seller Sections

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For the buyer’s section, write your name and address in the designated areas. For the seller to fill out title when selling a car in NJ, they simply complete the seller section. For the seller’s name and address, the seller should write their address in the specified section, the same goes for the name section.

3. Sign the Title

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When you fill out a New Jersey car title at the bottom, both the buyer and seller need to print and sign their names. The seller signs in his designated section.

4. Fill Out the Right Side of the Title

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On the right side, the buyer should write their driver’s license number, including the starting letter. For instance, in New Jersey, most licenses begin with ‘R’. Make sure to include this letter in your driver’s license number.

When filling out the sales price, make sure not to use commas.

The section that many people are always unsure about is where to write the date. I’ve come across different opinions. But the right thing is to put the date under the odometer statement section and leave the sale date blank.

5. Visit the NJ MVC

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When you visit the MVC for a title transfer, you just need your title and driver’s license number. However, for vehicle registration, which is part of the title transfer, you might also need proof of your social security number. This probably means bringing your social security card.

How Do You Fill Out a Car Title in NJ if the Car is a Gift?

If a car is being sold as a gift in New Jersey, you simply write ‘Gift’ in the sale price field. I verified this from the MVC.


Hopefully, you have done everything correctly so you won’t need to bring the seller with you and stand in line for long hours at the DMV to sort this out. Otherwise, you might need a notarized letter from them. If that happens, it means you will have to endure waiting in line again. The process of filling out a New Jersey car title in this guide works perfectly and this information is indeed accurate.

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