3 Ways to Check if You Got a Red Light Ticket in Florida

How to Check if I Got a Red Light Ticket in Florida

In Florida, red light tickets are a common way for the state to make money. They catch drivers who run red lights and then charge them with traffic fines. However, getting a red light ticket is different. No police officer will hand it to you directly. So, you might not even realize you have one. If you are unaware of the ticket, you can’t pay it. If you have moved and haven’t updated your address with the DMV, the ticket might be sent to your old address. So, in this post, I will show you 3 simple methods you can follow to check if you got a red light ticket in Florida.

You might not want to pay for a lawyer when you are already facing a fine. But, in many cases, lawyers can help you avoid getting points on your license, prevent higher insurance costs, and save you from spending time in traffic school or court.

If you have got a red light ticket in Florida, don’t rush to pay it immediately. Skilled traffic attorneys can help you challenge that ticket and get away with it.

How to Check if I Got a Red Light Ticket in Florida

Here are some ways to find out if you have a ticket in FL. Paying it quickly can help you avoid further legal issues, like having your license suspended. If that happens, you won’t be able to drive legally until you pay the fine.

1. Check Your Drivers License Status

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First, you should look at the status of your driver’s license. A lot of times, people realize they have an unpaid red light camera ticket when they get a suspension letter from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Luckily, it’s easy to check your license status by visiting the DMV’s website for a driver’s license check.

If you find out that your license is going to be suspended, or it already is, because of a red light issue, make sure you don’t drive. In Florida, driving with a suspended license is illegal. If this happens, you really need to get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer right away for assistance.

2. Go to the Courthouse

How to Check if I Got a Red Light Ticket in Florida

If you don’t find anything at the DMV, the next step is to contact the courthouse. The county where the incident occurred is in charge of handling red light camera tickets. For example, if it happened in Sweetwater or Aventura, you need to reach out to Miami-Dade; if it was in Hollywood, then it’s Broward County. Once you figure out which county it is, call the courthouse to check for any red light camera tickets. I’ve included the phone numbers for you below.

3. Call the Violation Information Center

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If the courthouse doesn’t have any record of red light camera tickets, there’s one more thing you can try. Call the Violation Information Center. The number is listed below. This is the organization that issues these tickets. When you call them, give them your name and vehicle registration number to see if they have any records. If they find something, ask for a notice number and PIN, and then let me know.

Do You Have to Pay Red Light Camera Tickets in Florida?

You just checked, and it turns out that you got a red light ticket in Florida. So, do you have to pay the fee? This section discusses whether to pay or contest Florida red light camera tickets. If you have got a Notice of Violation with a $115 fine, you can check the video and photos online using the notice number and PIN. If it shows your car turning left or crossing the intersection, it’s usually easier to just pay the fine. It won’t affect your driving record or add points. Going to court often isn’t worth it, as it can cost more, and winning isn’t likely. Also, not paying can prevent you from renewing the car registration.

However, if the ticket is for a right turn, it might be worth fighting it. Feel free to contact your local traffic ticket lawyer for a review, as these cases often have a better chance of success. If you missed paying or didn’t receive the notice and now face a $277 uniform traffic citation, don’t pay it. This type of ticket affects your record, so you really need to contest it.

If you have a notice, a ticket, or if your license is about to be suspended, a traffic ticket lawyer can really be of assistance. give them a call; some do offer a free consultation.

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