Fake Smog Check Certificate

It seems you have bought a car that can’t pass the smog check. And you have already paid for registration, so all you need is the smog check but you are looking to save as much money as possible. Well, you think your best solution would be to get a fake smog check certificate through a mechanic who can fix your issue under the table so you can get back on the road. But this is not lawful. Moreover, you would be polluting the environment as against the essence of emissions testing.

What is Smog Check Certificate?

A Smog Check Certificate is an official document issued after a car undergoes a smog check inspection and meets the required emissions standards. In areas with smog check programs, such as strict states like California, a car is required to undergo regular smog check inspections to ensure that they are not emitting excessive pollutants into the atmosphere.

Once the car passes the smog check inspection and meets the emissions standards set by the local regulatory authorities, a Smog Check Certificate is issued. This certificate is proof that the car has complied with the emissions requirements and is legally allowed to operate on the road. A typical smog check certificate carries information such as the vehicle’s identification number (VIN), make, model, and the date of the inspection.

On the other hand, a fake smog check certificate is a falsified certificate of emissions testing, as the name implies. Unfortunately, it is illegal to fake a smog certificate.

Can You Fake a Smog Certificate?

Of course, you can fake a smog certificate to cheat a smog check. You just need a shady under the table smog check station to get certified. But the big question is the legality behind a fake smog check.

A fake smog check is a civil violation; you can be liable for a $150 to $1000 fine (depending on your state) similar to the ones levied on smog check technicians under VC 44056. It is not a crime like creating a forged document would be under VC 4463 (in California).

Moreover, if you use a fake smog check certificate to sell a car that doesn’t pass smog to someone, it might be criminal fraud. But it is very unlikely to be detected; if DMV accepts the certificate, you might not find out about the poor emissions for 2 years until you need to re-smog the car. And it is very difficult to prove the fraud that some committed with the smog-check technician.

You may have never heard of a customer of a fake smog check company being criminally prosecuted, even the ones who knew they were getting fraudulent certificates from smog check shops that were under investigation.

How Much Does a Fake Smog Check Cost?

Compared to an authentic smog check, a fake smog check costs close to $200, in addition to the registration fee.

Meanwhile, the cost of an authentic smog check varies according to the location, vehicle, and any additional services or fees. The general price range is $30 to $90. So, a fake smog check actually costs more and could be even more depending on the activities of the local authorities against stations issuing falsified smog check certificates.

How to Get a Fake Smog Certificate

It’s generally not possible to get an authentic smog certificate online. Smog certificates are typically issued after your car passes a smog check at an authorized smog check station.

You would generally need to follow these steps to get a smog check certificate:

Find a licensed smog check stationSearch for authorized smog check stations in your area through an online search or contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency to get a list of approved stations.
Take your vehicle to the smog check stationDrive your vehicle to the selected smog check station, ensuring you bring your vehicle registration and any required fees.
Complete the smog checkThe technician at the smog check station will perform the necessary tests to evaluate your vehicle’s emissions. They will connect your vehicle to the smog check equipment and conduct the inspection to assess its compliance with emission standards.
Receive the smog certificateIf your vehicle passes the smog check and meets the emission standards, the smog check station will provide you with a smog certificate as proof of compliance.

But if you need a fake smog check certificate for a prank, then you can get one online using a tool like PDFFiller, which provides free smog check paper form.


A fake smog check is not the right way to go. If your car won’t pass a smog check, your mechanic should help identify the reason it keeps failing. Usually, common reasons such as malfunctioning check engine light, faulty oxygen sensor, defective catalytic converter, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system issues, and ignition system problems. Don’t fake it to avoid getting into trouble.

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