Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota?

Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota

Do parking tickets go on your record in Minnesota? A parking ticket is a misdemeanor and won’t go on your record in MN. However, you have to make sure to pay it if you are responsible. Paying the ticket also means that you are pleading guilty.

Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota?

Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota

No, parking tickets won’t go on your record in Minnesota because they are misdemeanors. However, you will eventually get a bill in the mail. If you do not pay the bill, the city will send you to collections. If you admit to the ticket, your best action is to pay it since you are responsible for it.

You can pay a parking ticket fine in person, online with an electronic check or credit card, or by phone. Some cities accept checks or money orders to the District Court Administrator, c/o Minneapolis Violations Bureau.

When you receive a parking ticket, pay the fine, meet with a hearing officer to talk about payment options, or dispute the ticket.

You can meet with a hearing officer in the following steps:

  • Appointments are available Monday through Friday and the second Saturday of each month.
  • Call 612-348-2040 to set up an appointment.
  • Walk-in appointments are available at the Hennepin County Government Center on a first-come, first-served basis.

You should first see a hearing officer for a parking ticket labeled as ‘payable’. The hearing officer, who represents the District Court, can offer the best resolution based on the guidelines of the city where the offense happened. However, you’re not obliged to accept the options given by the hearing officer.

Do Parking Tickets Affect Insurance in MN?

No, parking tickets are not moving violations, so they do not affect your insurance.

What if You Received a Parking Ticket in the Mail for a Car You Don’t Own?

This could happen if DVS’s records weren’t updated to show the new owner when the ticket was issued, or if a title transfer wasn’t filed with DVS. Fill out the necessary forms at any Hennepin County Service Center or DVS.

The ticket won’t automatically change; see a hearing officer to discuss the ticket and your options.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Parking Ticket in MN?

Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota

While parking tickets do not go on your record in Minnesota, you will face the following:

  1. You will receive a bill in your mail.
  2. If you don’t pay the fine within 30 days of its entry into the court system, late fees are added.
  3. The state will send your debt to collections.
  4. Additional fees can be added by the Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) when the fine goes to collections. Fines in collections must be paid directly to DOR.

What if You Can’t Afford to Pay My Ticket?

Do Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota

Talk to a hearing officer about options like:

  • Getting more time to pay, or
  • A restorative justice option through Sentence to Service (STS).

If your ticket isn’t overdue, you can set a court date after discussing it with a hearing officer. Keep in mind:

  1. If your offense is a payable misdemeanor, you can pay a fine and it will be considered a petty misdemeanor by law.
  2. If you take a payable misdemeanor like a parking ticket to court and are convicted, you could face up to 90 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both, resulting in a criminal conviction on your record.

What to Do if You Paid Your Parking Ticket But Didn’t Want to Plead Guilty

  1. You can file a Motion to Withdraw a Plea of Guilty with the District Court. However, it’s up to a judge to decide whether to accept your motion.
  2. You can get the Motion forms at the Violations Bureau.

Conclusion—Does Parking Tickets Go on Your Record in Minnesota?

So, a parking ticket won’t go on your record in Minnesota. Just that you will receive the bill in your mail. If you don’t pay up, you will face additional late fees and the debt will be sent to collections.

If you are still doubtful about the parking ticket appearing on your record, you can check your driving record. Call the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) of the Department of Public Safety at 651-296-6911.

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