Can I Get My License Sent to a PO Box?

Can I Get My License Sent to a PO Box

Can I get my license sent to a PO Box? While your mailing address can be a PO Box, you are still required to provide your residential address. Therefore, you have to provide your permanent residence, such as on a bill or rental agreement.

Generally, you need a driver’s license to legally operate your car. It contains important personal information such as your name, photo, and address. In most US states, you can’t use a PO Box address on your driver’s license. A PO Box is just for mail in a post office. It’s not where you live, so it doesn’t count as a home address for a driver’s license.

What is a PO Box?

A PO Box, short for Post Office Box, is a special box you can rent at a post office. It’s a personal mailbox. Each PO Box has a number, and all your letters and mail go into it. You then pick up your mail from this box.

PO Boxes are useful, just can’t replace your residence. It keeps your home address private, which is great for privacy. Secondly, in some places, mail doesn’t get delivered directly to homes. So, having a PO Box means you still receive your mail. PO Boxes are rented, and you can pay for them monthly or yearly. The price depends on the size of the box.

So, a PO Box is primarily for receiving mail and packages, especially in areas where mail isn’t delivered right to your door. But even if you get mail at home, you might still want a PO Box. If you don’t want people knowing where you live, use a PO Box for your mail.

Can I Get My License Sent to a PO Box?

Can I Get My License Sent to a PO Box

You can use a PO Box as your mailing address, but you are still required to provide your address of residence. That’s because you need to provide proof of where you live. Also, whether you can use a PO Box address on your driver’s license depends on where you live in the US. Most states need a physical address where you live, such as your home or even your parents’ home, for the driver’s license address.

However, some states allow you to use a PO Box, but not as your home address. It’s more for getting mail. So, when you renew your license, they can send it to your PO Box. But if you are getting a new license, you must give them your actual living address.

Also, if you move to a different state, you need a new driver’s license from that state. You can’t use your old out-of-state address, and definitely not a PO Box for this.

A PO Box isn’t where you live. It’s just a mailbox in a post office, used only for getting mail, not for proving where you live.

Where is PO Box Used in the Driver’s License?

When it comes to your driver’s license, using a PO Box address directly isn’t usually allowed. But, there’s a little trick. Instead of the PO Box number, you can use the physical address of the post office where your PO Box is. This is a real, physical location. You have to use this address for other things too, such as your bank or insurance to make it more recognizable.

Your driver’s license should show where you actually get your mail. A PO Box on its own won’t work for this. But in some places, if you are just renewing your driver’s license and they need to mail it to you, using your PO Box address is okay.

Now, is a PO Box itself a physical address? No, it’s not. A PO Box is just a box in a post office, it’s not where you live. The only time a PO Box sort of counts as a physical address is when you use the address of the post office itself, not just the PO Box number.

What Do You Do if You Don’t Have a Physical Address?

If you are struggling with housing costs and don’t have a fixed home, getting or renewing a driver’s license can still be possible. One way is to get a PO Box. When filling out forms, use the post office’s address. This can sometimes be used as a physical address on your driver’s license, but only if it’s allowed in your state. Be sure to check your state’s rules first.

You can also join a local shelter program, such as PADS. These shelters provide a place to sleep and have a physical address you could use for your license. But be cautious: sharing an address with many others, including potential criminals, might lead to complications during background checks.

Are you part of your state’s Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)? Unless you are part of the states address confidentiality program, you cannot get your license sent to a PO Box. In Washington, for example, Protected Health Care Workers and many other people who are a target for harassment can substitute their mailing address to receive first class mail. The address is accepted by Washington state, county, and city government agencies in place of a residential address.

What Address Should Be on My Driving License?

So, what’s the best address for your driver’s license? It should ideally be your residential address. A PO Box is usually not accepted because it’s not a physical living address.

If privacy is a big concern, using the post office’s address might be an option, but again, this depends on your state’s regulations.

Benefits Of PO Box

Privacy Benefits

A PO Box is a great place for keeping your home address private. With a PO Box for all your mail and packages, your residential address remains unknown.

You can also use the address of the post office where your box is located on most of your documents, further safeguarding your personal address.

Faster Delivery

Mails and packages often reach a PO Box quicker than they would your home or business address. This speed in delivery can be a significant advantage, especially if you’re waiting for important documents or items.

Security for Mail and Packages

With a PO Box, the concerns about someone else accessing your mail or having your mail mixed up with a neighbor’s are eliminated. Your mail and packages are securely stored until you collect them, providing peace of mind.


The popularity of PO Boxes is increasing, and it’s not just about following a trend. A PO Box provides security, as it is often locked and located within the monitored premises of the post office. Moreover, renting a PO Box is typically affordable, making it an accessible option for many people.

While considering a PO Box, remember that it’s not just about its rising popularity but also about the practical benefits it offers, such as privacy, security, and faster mail delivery.

How to Apply for PO Box

Getting a PO Box number and picking up your keys is simple. It, however, requires you to provide proper identification.

You’ll need to present two types of IDs at the post office: one should be a photo ID, and the other can be a non-photo ID. It’s important that these IDs are not expired and they should clearly show that you are indeed who you say you are. Also, the IDs need to be directly linked to you.

There are certain types of IDs that the Post Office won’t accept, like Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates. Instead, here’s a list of IDs that you can use:

  1. An insurance policy for your home or vehicle.
  2. A passport, an alien registration card, or a certificate of naturalization.
  3. Documents that prove where you live, like a current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust.
  4. Your voter or vehicle registration card.
  5. A valid driver’s license or a state ID card.
  6. An ID issued by the military, government, a university, or a recognized corporation.

Make sure you have these forms of identification ready when you go to set up your PO Box to avoid any hiccups.

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